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Construction Claims Monthly - Devoted exclusively to the problems of construction contracting since 1963

Construction Claims Monthly Special Reports

From the editors of Construction Claims Monthly come several indispensible reports designed to help you navigate the legal pitfalls of construction contracting.

Interested in purchasing a CCM Special Report? Please contact us at 1-800-223-8720 or All reports are delivered instantly via email as a PDF.

  • The False Claims Act & Fraud in Construction Contracting (2014; 83 pages) (BKCCLFCA)

    The False Claims Act & Fraud in Construction ContractingThe Department of Justice is cracking down on False Claims Act violations. Don't get caught in the crosshairs. If you work on federal projects, as either a contractor or a sub, you must follow best practices to avoid facing contract cancellation, civil fines, debarment, or even criminal prosecution.
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • Pricing Construction Contract Delays: A Case Law Guide to Delay Claims, Cost Calculations, and Contract Clauses (2014; 112 pages) (BKCCLPCCD)

    Pricing Construction Contract Delays: A Case Law Guide to Delay Claims, Cost Calculations, and Contract ClausesOn construction projects, delays are inevitable. But recovering lost time or money is not. That's why all project parties—whether owner, contractor, or subcontractor—must be prepared to draft contracts that protect their interests as well as understand how to properly calculate various types of delay damages.
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • QUASI-SUBCONTRACTS: When Contractors & Subs Make Disputable Commitments(2013; 96 pages) (BKCCLQS)

    QUASI-SUBCONTRACTS: When Contractors & Subs Make Disputable CommitmentsContractor/subcontractor teamwork is essential to large-scale, complex construction projects. But forging such teams can open you up to major legal pitfalls.
    Don't get caught relying on promises that won't stand up in court. Find out how to prepare for—and avoid—sticky subcontract disputes with
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • Drafting Provisions for Delay Damages(2012; 22 pages) (BKBKDCCLSG)

    Drafting Provisions for Delay DamagesWhile delays on complex construction projects are often inevitable, delays in recovering damages can be avoided. This special report provides the legal insights and current court precedents that will help you draft sound delay damages provisions—and successfully manage delay and disruption claims. We will help you understand the enforceability and exceptions of the common no-damages-for-delay clause, giving you the keys to a swift legal course of action.
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • Taking Direct Action Against Design Negligence (BKCCLSPECL)

    Taking Direct Action Against Design NegligenceSpotlight On Section 522 Of The Restatement (Second) Of Torts (2012) When suing for economic damages thanks to a disappointing project outcome, you must sue someone you have a contract with. That's the bare bones of the economic loss rule, and it often prevents contractors from going after project architects for professional negligence. However, by relying on Section 522 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts, some states have opened up a loophole. This special report illustrates the varied applications of the exception to the economic loss doctrine. The exception can be narrow, but knowing your options can make a big difference to your chances at cash recovery.
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • The Differing Site Conditions Clause: Its Range And Restrictions (2013; 60 pages) (BKCCLSFSTR)

    The Differing Site Conditions Clause: Its Range And RestrictionsA differing site conditions clause is not an iron-clad protection for contractors. To deflect liability, owners frequently include disclaimers that the site data provided are not warranted for accuracy and should not be relied upon during project performance. As a result, site condition claims often end up in litigation, leaving courts to decide which contract provision rules. Courts have ruled both ways on the enforceability of site data disclaimers. But you don't have to be left guessing as to your own chances. Get insider analysis of precedent in the Construction Claims Monthly special report, The Differing Site Conditions Clause: Its Range And Restrictions
    Price: e-Book($99)

  • Court Confirms Limit On Eichleay: Project Must Have Begun(2012; 2 pages) (PDCCLCCLOE)

    Court Confirms Limit On Eichleay: Project Must Have BegunIf you were on the job longer than planned, you're likely to reach for Eichleay's help in recovering extended home overhead. But beware. A federal case has put new limits on the Eichleay Formula and how you can calculate costs associated with work stoppages. The Redland Co. v. United States, 2011 Ct. Fed. Cl. No. 08-606C is an industry changer. Learn how this important case will impact your business decisions, your claims, and your chances in court. Don't be left behind when state courts begin adopting this decision.
    Price: e-Book($15)


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