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Strike a Fair Deal: Construction Contract Negotiation (CCL4307)

  • Product Format
    Pre Recorded Audio Conference
  • Presenter(s)
    Ira M. Schulman
  • Conference Date
    Thu, April 18, 2013
  • Length
    75 minutes

Learn commercially reasonable solutions to common sticking points

Register now for this 75-minute audio session in which our expert speaker, IRA M. SCHULMAN, will discuss how to arrive at your next contract negotiation better prepared to ensure that both parties get what they've bargained for.

The terms and conditions in a construction contract very often make the difference between a job that succeeds and a job fails (and ends up costing you rather than making you money). That's why parties to a construction contract can't afford to rely on boilerplate forms or simplistic documents—or settle for contracts that allocate risk unfairly.

This program will explore real-world examples of contract negotiation between owners and contractors—with an emphasis on commercially reasonable solutions. You will gain practical advice for drafting provisions to address the most critical issues, including:

  • Payment provisions
  • Change order clauses
  • Claim provisions
  • No-damages-for-delay clauses
  • Differing site conditions clauses (including the effect of disclaimers contained in owner-provided geotechnical information)
  • Liquidated damages provisions
  • Surety bond provisions
  • Insurance issues
  • Dispute Resolution clauses
  • Termination provisions (for cause and for convenience)

This presentation is appropriate for attorneys, public and private project owners, contractors and subcontractors, project managers, engineers, architects, and consultants.

Careful preparation and drafting of key contract provisions is a must in today's high stakes industry. After attending this audio event, you will better understand the clauses that make for a successful contract. Plus, you'll learn which terms are a must for creating a contract that's fair to each party.


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IRA M. SCHULMANIRA M. SCHULMAN is a partner in the Construction Practice Group of Pepper Hamilton LLP, resident in the New York office. Mr. Schulman has over 30 years of construction law experience with an emphasis on a...More Info

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