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'The Bid Was In The Building' Doesn't Constitute Timely Delivery

Thursday, September 01, 2011 07:26 am


Bid Submission

Castle-Rose, Inc. v U.S., Ct. Fed Cl. No. 11-163C (June 28, 2011)

A bidder failed to squeak its bid in under the buzzer and through several deadline loopholes.Castle-Rose, Inc. (Castle-Rose) bid on an Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) demolition project at a decommissioned groundwater treatment plant on Bainbridge Island, Washington, but its proposal was marked "late" and deemed unacceptable. The bidder made several attempts to contest the late designation, all to no avail. However, it did manage to call the government out for one misstep regarding late bid submissions.

Essentially, Castle-Rose claimed its bid should not have been considered late because its courier reached the proper building on time. It claimed the solicitation was ambiguous regarding the location for hand-delivered bids and that the proper place for submission was the first-floor lobby. The solicitation gave bidders two instructions regarding hand-delivered bid submission: that they were due at a specific building (4735 E. Marginal Way South) at a specific offic [...]

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