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Decisions Of The Boards Of Contract Appeal: Changed Work And Unexpected Leaks Win Roofing Contractor

Friday, April 23, 2010 03:27 am


Differing Site Conditions -- Disruption -- Impact Costs Appeal of: States Roofing Corporation, 2010 ASBCA Lexis 5 (Jan.12, 2010)

A roofing contractor recovered $145,000 to compensate for unforeseen roof conditions and contract changes that slowed down its repairs and increased its labor costs on a government project.

States Roofing Corporation (SRC) won a $2.4 million contract to repair roof cells at the Naval Operating Base in Norfolk, Virginia. The parties used August 17, 2001 as the contractual completion date. However, SRC ran into a number of problems while repairing the roofs. The asphalt on some of the roof cells was up to six inches thicker than the three inches the Navy?s contract drawings indicated. There were also many roof leaks caused by roof holes and pipes that were not visible and did not appear on the contract drawings. Concrete spalling and "spider--web cracking" created further challenges and prevented SRC from completing paint work on time.

The Navy performed its final inspection on November 6, 20 [...]

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