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Implied Warranties and Provisions in Construction Contracts (CCLD18B)

  • Product Format
    Pre Recorded Webinar
  • Presenter(s)
    John A. Snow
  • Conference Date
    Mon, December 10, 2018
  • Length
    60 minutes

Avoid Assuming Risks You Didn’t Account for

As an owner, designer, contractor or subcontractor, you have implied obligations in every construction contract you sign. And because these obligations are implied, they are unexpressed, and can therefore be vague. Their application can be difficult to predict while performing the contract. This can (and does) lead to litigation, jeopardize future relationships, and also result in additional cost and expense – all of which you need to avoid.

Find out how in this information-packed webinar by John A. Snow. Get a firm grip on the implied obligations of every contract, and know your rights as an owner, designer, contractor or subcontractor. Snow will review the provisions you should include in a construction contract; show you how to define the scope and application of the implied terms better; walk you through the various types of implied obligations that typically arise in construction contracts which are often not clearly understood by construction professionals – such as the implied covenant of good faith, the implied obligations and effects of workmanship, buildability, etc. Snow will also discuss how implied obligations can be utilized to protect a claim or to assert a right, and the contractual provisions you can include in your contract to limit the application and scope of the implied obligations, along with case examples.

After attending this session, you will be better equipped to determine and understand the scope of your obligations and rights, as well as protect yourself when required. You will also know what provisions can/should be included in a contract to better promote your own interest.

Session Highlights

This webinar will cover key topics you should know about, such as:

  • The implied covenant to good faith and its effect
  • The implied covenant of workmanship and its effect
  • The implied covenant to buildability and its effect
  • The application of the implied obligations in a construction project
  • Contract provisions that can define the scope of the various implied covenants
  • Risk shifting in construction contracts regarding implied obligations
  • Examples of cases on how the implied obligations impacted the parties

Who Should Attend

  • Contractors
  • Construction managers
  • Construction attorneys
  • Owners
  • Design professionals

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Mr. Snow commenced his legal practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, in May of 1973. Since 1990, Mr. Snow has also had an active professional practice in Nevada. Mr. Snow's practice consists of general civil litigation, including general commercial, prof...More Info

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