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Forensic Schedule Delay Methodologies - What they are, How they Work And Why they Always Give Different Answers! (CCL618A)

  • Product Format
    Pre Recorded Webinar
  • Presenter(s)
    John Livengood
  • Conference Date
    Thu, July 19, 2018
  • Length
    75 minutes

Get a Clear Understanding of Each of the Major Families of FSA Methodologies

Perceived wisdom within the construction dispute industry is that different Forensic Schedule Analysis (FSA) methods produce different results on the same set of facts. The perceived wisdom is correct. There are many potential variables that could cause this, such as bias of the expert or the quality of the implementation of a method. Some experts have expressed a concern that some or many of the methods themselves are potentially defective. However, this is not true.

In this session, industry veteran John Livengood will provide answers to some question, such as–why there seem to be so many different FSA methodologies? Why there are really only four (or five) different types of FSA methodologies? How each of the FSA methodology works and why sometimes they don’t? When to use them and when not to use them, and why they yield different results? This session will explain the methodologies recognized by AACE and the Society of Construction Law, in their similarities and differences. The session will cover each of the basic methodology families: As-Planned - As-Built, Windows, Time Impact Analysis, Collapsed As-Built, and As-Built Critical Path. Construction managers, experts and attorneys need to understand the reasons for the differences.

After attending this session, you will come away with a clear understanding of each of the major families of FSA methodologies. You will learn when methods are the most effective, and when they are the least effective. The session will explain why they give different results, even if done correctly with the same set of facts. You will further learn that there is no single “best” methodology, and that there are areas on FSA that may never be better understood than now, as litigation has gotten too expensive to generate answers.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • How to recognize the different methodologies, regardless of what they are called?
  • When is it best to use a certain methodology over another?
  • What kind of records do you need to keep to facilitate a FSA analysis?
  • Why there are so many names for methodologies?
  • How do the FSA methodologies differ from each other?
  • Why they sometimes give different answers?

Who Should Attend

  • Construction executives
  • Project managers
  • Project engineers
  • Superintendents
  • Schedulers and planners
  • Claims consultants
  • Construction lawyers

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John LivengoodJohn Livengood is a Managing Director with Navigant's Global Construction Practice and  has 40 years of experience in construction, design, delay analysis and litigation support. John's areas of expertize include: co...More Info

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