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Missing Electronic Bid underscores need For Careful Etiquette

Sunday, January 04, 2009 04:54 pm

Missing Electronic Bid 'underscores'need For Careful EŽmail Etiquette The Department of Navy rejected as late a bid submittal from Piedmont Hoist & Crane(PHC)for design and installation of a towton bridge crane at Cherry Point, North Carolina.And the Comptroller General recently denied PHC's subsequent bid protest.Late responses to solicitation requests are nothing unusual.But this mishap comes with a pertinent lesson regarding electronic bids: Dot your"i"s and cross your"t"s--and don't cry foul over"complicated"eŽmail addresses. The Navy's request for quotations(RFQ)instructed that electronic bids be sent by 2pm on August 21 to the following eŽmail address: The electronic version of the RFQ displayed this address as a blu [...]
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