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Sub Disclaimed Reliance On Price Quotation Bids; Subcontractors

Thursday, May 04, 2006 10:51 am

Sub Disclaimed Reliance On Price Quotation Bids; Subcontractors

A federal court has ruled that a subcontractor could not be held to its pre-bid price quotation because the sub expressly disclaimed any reliance on its price.

Richard Stockton College solicited bids for construction of an addition to a classroom building at its campus in Pomona, New Jersey. Fletcher-Harlee Corp. was preparing to bid on the contract. Fletcher-Harlee requested price quotations from several concrete subcontractors.

Pote Concrete Contractors, Inc. faxed Fletcher-Harlee a written quotation of $310,402. The quotation included the following statement: "This is provided for informational pur [...]

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