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Construction Claims Monthly - Devoted exclusively to the problems of construction contracting since 1963

Updates from Current Issue
Contractors May Be Able To Recover Costs Caused By Govt. ShutdownContractor's 'Unreasonable' Interpretation Of Fill Specs Cost It $4.5mContractor & Sub Both Agreed Work Was Beyond Scope, Surety Will PaySurety Owes $750k After Failure To Prove Sub's Collusion And InterferenceSub Breached Implied Time-Is-Of-The-Essence AgreementPast 'Survey' Experience Is Not The Same As 'Project' Experience

Welcome to Constructions Claims Monthly-the one publication that reports and analyzes all key U.S. construction cases.

Did you know that more than a third of all construction projects end up in a legal dispute? No matter your role in the drama-owner ... contractor ... subcontractor ... A/E ... surety consultant ... attorney-you must arm yourself to head off unnecessary litigation and triumph in battles you can't avoid. We can help.

We're Constructions Claims Monthly.

Construction Claims Monthly is not just a newsletter. We're a one-stop shop-open all day, everyday-providing you with the construction case law history, contracting strategies, verdict trends, legal precedents, and resolution tactics you need to face any contract dispute.

Construction contracting A to Z

Whether you play the part of plaintiff, defendant, prosecutor, or defender, you can rely on the tools Construction Claims Monthly offers to tackle the A-to-Z of construction contract claims:

  • AIA contracts
  • Building codes
  • Cardinal change
  • Differing site conditions
  • Eichleay formula
  • FAR provisions
  • construction pricing Guide
  • cumulative Impact claims
  • Liquidated damages clause
  • Miller Act
  • Negligent construction
  • Field Overhead costs
  • loss of Profit
  • price Realism
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Time extensions
  • Unbalanced bid
  • lien Waiver and release
11 compelling reasons to subscribe

Construction Claims Monthly has been helping construction industry and law professionals navigate the troubled waters of contracting claims for more than 50 years. Subscribe today and you'll get immediate contracting strategies you can apply to a multitude of construction project scenarios-from bidding to punch list completion.

Get insights into crucial tasks, such as how to:

  • prove and price construction claims
  • allocate risk in the contract
  • calculate delay damages & deductive changes
  • understand limitation of liability clauses
  • apply measured mile analysis
  • recognize unduly restrictive requirements
  • request time extensions
  • establish concurrent delay
  • argue superseded drawings
  • demonstrate constructive acceleration
  • secure prompt payment
  • and more!

A yearly subscription to Construction Claims Monthly gets you 12 issues packed with don't-do-this examples from recent real-world litigation, PLUS an all-access pass to our keyword searchable database where you'll find decades' worth of legal summaries, precedents, and analysis you can apply in your everyday work.

Smart and cost-effective construction contracting-and litigation!-starts here, for just pennies a day.

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